Take a Bathroom Break

Take a Bathroom Break

Renovation ideas to help change your bathroom into an interior space that you can really enjoy

Is it time for a bathroom renovation at your house? Do you have old fixtures that have bothered you since you moved in? Is the vanity ugly? Do you have old laminate or doors that are falling apart? Is the grout dirty in the shower? Are you irritated by leaks? Not to worry. It’s easy to create a beautiful bathroom.

All bathroom fix-ups can be divided into two areas. You can change everything, or just one or two items, depending on your budget. The first area includes the fixtures the sink, faucets, vanity, bathtub, shower, toilet and bidet.

By Alice Wright – Spring 1999

The second area includes the floor, the walls and the accessories. A new floor could be tile, hardwood or carpet. Walls can be covered with paint, wallpaper or more tile. And accessories can include distinctive holders for soap, towels and toilet paper. Consider each stage carefully and you can create a magnificent design.

The fixtures in your bathroom can drastically improve its appearance. You can use different finishes and materials for your vanity. The smooth surface of glass will open up a small bathroom and give the illusion of a larger space. A glazed ceramic tile vanity is not only easy to clean, but the tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. A piece of fine wood furniture can be turned into a vanity to create a country or cottage feel to a bathroom. But if wood is your choice, seal the piece with a protective coating that will resist water and mildew. The strong, straight lines of porcelain vanities can be used to create a contemporary or modern experience. Faucet fixtures can create a brand new look to a vanity. You could use a chrome, antique-appearance faucet with a wooden table. Or a polished brass fixture will shine nicely every time you use the sink. Decide what style you are trying to achieve and then choose a fixture that matches. Besides chrome and polished brass, there are enamel-coated colours, gold, pewter and even nickel that can give you a custom-designed look.

1. The bathroom’s size may limit you to a shower stall.
2. Faucet fixtures can give a vanity a brand new look.
3. You can start by changing one fixture and move to another later.

The interior dimensions of your bathroom will determine the choice of a shower, bath or combination unit. You can choose square, angular or curved shower stalls. Match the colour or finish on the vanity to those of the shower or bathtub. If you have the space, consider a tub that provides a relaxing body massage – it’s great after a difficult day.

Toilets and bidets come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. For a more traditional bathroom, select a square, heavy, lined fixture to complement your design. To create a modern appearance, choose a fixture with simple curves. You can even get a lid that automatically lowers after being used, or a silent flusher. Today’s bathroom features come with a variety of options.

The floor and the walls are an important part of bathroom design, as they add colour and texture. Tile is a good option as it is easy to install and keep clean.

Decorative tiles can provide character. Wallpaper can produce a dramatic effect, but you must be careful to install it correctly so that it doesn’t peel or brown. Paint is the best option for walls as it will last a long time, and there are an unlimited number of colours available. Different painting techniques can change the look of the decor, whether it is traditional, antique, modern, country or romantic. Carpet for the floor creates a cozy, warm feeling that is great for a romantic atmosphere, if your bathroom suits it. Hardwood is another option, which would be perfect for a cottage or country home.

Accessories are a functional part of your bathroom, but they also can be fun. It’s important to match the colours of the finishes, so take your time deciding which soap dish or toothpaste holder you like best. Install extra shelves to hold towels, tissues or a pretty bubble bath container. Install a large oval or circular mirror with some vanity lights around it for variety. You may even want to install a radio or CD player in a cabinet to add some music to your daily routine. These ideas can help change your bathroom into an interior space where you can enjoy spending time.

A renovation can be as large as ripping out all the fixtures or as simple as changing the mirror or light fixtures. You can start with one future and move on to the next at a later time. With some perseverance and a bit of research, you’ll transform your old bathroom into a new one that is custom designed to fit your needs and your sense of style.