Playing With Tile

Playing With Tile

A Little bit of tile can go a long way to give various rooms in your home a special, personalized touch of innovative design

It’s Simple to turn the interior of your home into a celebration of colour that is rich and vibrant by using decorative floor and wall tile. Colours that you can mix and match with each other; as well as accent decorated tiles, give you unlimited creative opportunities. Are you wondering how to incorporate tile into your home?

By Alice Wright and Nancy Machel – Spring 1998

Tile can be applied to floors, backsplashes and countertops. Use tile to create a renaissance, country, modern or old world effect. Jazz up your kitchen backsplash by using ready made mosaic tiles. For the ambitious “do-it-yourselfer”, wrap the tiles up in newspaper and hammer them into small pieces. By choosing multiple colours and including broken dishes, tea cups and mirror glass, you can design your own personalized mosaic pattern.

Ready for a change in your bathroom? Vanities, tub surrounds, walls and floors can all be tiled. By mixing sizes, colours and textures you can create a custom, one of-a-kind look. Tip: Don’t shy away from accent tiles that may seem too expensive. You only need a few to make your space exciting and new.

Does the existing tile or brick around your fireplace give your home a dated look? Tile of natural materials such as slate and granite can add beauty and elegance to your interior space. Or you can go bold with a colourful accent tile that includes your favourite colour. Tiles used in your home’s interior can provide a space with aesthetic enrichment and embellishment.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, tile can provide visual delight for the eye, textural interest for the hand and stimulation for the mind. Floor, wall, back-splash and countertop tiles come in a wide range of designs. Each homeowner’s selection is often a reflection of the personality of those who inhabit the interior space. If you’re wary, you can consult a tile specialist for further advice before starting any of these projects.